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Dog Bite Claims in California

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Have you or a loved one been harmed by another person’s pet? Dogs and other domesticated animals are a cherished part of every community, but bites and other attacks can happen. The Accident Injury Law Center is well-versed in handling these claims and knows how to pursue maximum compensation on behalf of the victim. If you’ve been hurt, contact TAILC today to start exploring your legal options.

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Dog bites: who is responsible?

Following a dog bite injury, victims are not always sure who precisely is responsible and what their legal options are. In California, the law, fortunately, provides some very clear distinctions concerning these incidents. In the event of a dog-related injury,the dog owner could be held liable for damages. However, in the case that the dog was in someone else’s possession, there are other ways to hold others responsible, as well.

Pursuing damages for a dog bite in California can involve:

  • Negligence. Claiming negligence is the most common way seek damages. Negligence can apply to both dog owners and handlers, as long as it can be proven that they did nothing to prevent the likelihood of a bite or attack. Prior knowledge of a dog’s propensity for violence is not usually required.
  • Scienter. Claiming scienter is rarely necessary but can be appropriate in cases where the dog is being handled or kept by someone who is not the owner, but should be held responsible for the bite. This can include dog walkers, caretakers, etc. In these cases, however, it must be asserted that the responsible party knew that the dog could be dangerous.

In many cases, dog bites occur on the premises of the owner and action must be taken to recover relief from the owner’s insurance provider. No matter what the circumstances of your dog bite incident were, speak to TAILC to learn about your legal options. The firm can help you navigate these different options, assess the details of your accident, and ensure that assured and compelling action is taken in the pursuit of the relief you deserve.

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