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What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do Exactly?


You were minding your own business when a car came out of nowhere. The accident was so jarring that you felt fear, panic, and confusion. By the time the dust settled, you may have totaled your vehicle or ended up in the hospital. You likely have bills piling up and, to make matters even worse, you may be out of work, unable to pay those rising health care expenses.  It’s times like these when a personal injury lawyer can stand by your side to help you make sense of your current situation. When deciding to hire a personal injury lawyer, [...]

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Think You Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) After a Car Accident?


A car accident can be a jarring experience. One moment you might be minding your own business and the next you’re facing painful injury and perhaps a few ailments you don’t immediately notice. We’re talking about post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, which affects many people after they have been in a car accident.  The resulting PTSD effects can last longer than your physical injuries.  What follows is a rundown of the effects of PTSD and the help that may be available to you during this trying time. Just know that help is available.  If you feel that you are suffering [...]

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Get the Traffic Collision Report


There seems to be a trend in people waiving the traffic collision report. Don’t waive it; get it. What I’m hearing from people is that an officer will come to the scene of the accident and will suggest to the parties involved in the accident that there is no need for a traffic collision report since the parties have exchanged all the required information and liability seems to be clear as to who is at fault. The person who caused the accident is obviously going to waive the traffic collision report because that means the officer [...]

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Seat Back Failures


Did you know that auto manufacturers design their front seats to fail upon a rear-end collision. It’s true. What happens is that when a vehicle is hit from behind at a high rate of speed the front bucket seats are likely to break and recline back very fast, sometimes causing the person in the front seat to slip out of the seat – towards the back seat. Their head will sometimes hit the back of the back seat so hard that the person will break their neck and will sustain life long injuries or death. If [...]

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Recorded Statements


When you get into a car accident and it’s not your fault, chances are you can expect a call from the at-fault party’s insurance company to ask you about the accident. Often times the insurance company will ask you if they can record your statement.   The statement they are asking to record is something they intend to use against you. It’s definitely not intended to help you. It is not wise to provide such a statement without a lawyer with you to protect you from tricky questions. Sometimes the questions they ask are loaded with an answer they want, and [...]

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What To Do After An Auto Accident


What To Do After An Auto Accident Move your vehicle to a safe location Injuries: If you or anyone involved in the accident appears to be injured be sure to tell the 911 emergency dispatcher who is injured and how bad they appear to be injured, e.g., is someone unconscious, is someone bleeding from their head, is someone holding their leg and crying out in pain. Call 911: Contact the police to report the accident and when they show up ask them to prepare a traffic collision report. Take Photos: If you have a camera, make sure to take [...]

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