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Negligent Drivers & Pedestrian Accidents

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Reckless and irresponsible drivers can put a lot of other people in danger, but perhaps no one more than pedestrians. At crosswalks, sidewalks, and other places where foot traffic coincides with vehicle traffic, pedestrians can be put at enormous risk when drivers do not exercise caution and vigilance. When they don’t—and a pedestrian is hurt—that injury victim can be subject to catastrophic life-threatening trauma.

At The Accident Injury Law Center, their team of dedicated Orange County personal injury attorneys knows what it takes to navigate a catastrophic pedestrian injury case. Not only will TAILC work thoroughly to account for medical expenses in these cases, but also lost wages, rehabilitation, and any of the victim’s other long-term or ongoing needs. This dynamic and diligent legal advocacy TAILC provides means that injury victims can focus on what matters most: their recovery.

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How Pedestrian Accidents Occur

Not every collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian is grounds for an injury suit. To take legal action against a motorist in these cases, that motorist needs to have demonstrated negligence. Negligence is most dangerous in areas where vehicle traffic and pedestrians must coexist.

Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur:

  • At crosswalks
  • At intersections
  • On sidewalks
  • On road shoulders
  • At public transportation stops/platforms
  • At gas stations
  • In parking lots and garage structures

If you believe that a motorist exhibited irresponsibility and negligence in your pedestrian accident, then TAILC is ready to hear from you. TAILC is well-versed in navigating these cases, from investigating the circumstances of the initial accident to ensuring that every viable avenue towards recovering compensation is pursued to its fullest extent.

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