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Sexual Molestation Cases

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Children are the most vulnerable people that are often the target of sexual abuse from those in authoritative positions, such as teachers, coaches, members of religious organizations, and more.  It’s very important for all of us to do what we can to teach our children about recognizing when someone might be trying to lure them into a dangerous situation.

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Despite every parent’s best efforts to warn their children about sexual predators, unfortunately, these predators still convince both the child, and even the parents, that their child is safe in their care.  Children often hide being molested for many years, because the abuser tells them it’s their secret, or that the abuser will hurt the child’s parents if he or she tells, or that everyone will think badly of the child.

If you notice that your child is acting different, such as maybe he or she is less talkative when they used to be more talkative, or they act out when they used to listen to you more, or they shows signs of being afraid of being touched or held, make sure to ask them lots of questions.  Don’t rush to punish a child for misbehaving.  Sometimes a lack of respect for your authority can be a sign that the child is dealing with something very difficult inside and they are acting out so that someone will recognize that they need help.  Tell your children that they can tell you anything and that you love them very much.

If you find that your child has been molested, it’s important to get a lawyer involved with the situation as soon as possible.  The perpetrator could still be actively involved at the institution and more children may be in danger.  A lawyer can contact the institution immediately and put them on notice of the allegations so that they will remove the alleged perpetrator until a thorough investigation can be completed.

Even if a criminal investigation is already underway, it would be good to have a civil attorney to address any issues that law enforcement will not address and to obtain the compensation that your child deserves after suffering from such a traumatic experience.  Keep in mind that even a young adult can sometimes make a claim against a perpetrator that molested them when they were a minor.

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